There are rare smartphones available in the market that gives the battery backup of more than one day Most Powerful Power Bank. And if you are traveling you must need some backup thing to make your smartphone remain active. Recently, a well-known accessory maker of the tech giant Apple has just unveiled its all-new power bank, which, according to its creators, is the most powerful USB-C power bank in the world.

Meet The World’s Most Powerful Power Bank

Nowadays we all know very well that smartphones are becoming part of our daily lives, however, the battery issue is among the major problems of which many smartphones users are fed up. In fact, there are smartphones whose battery won’t even last until one day.

Hence, as we told earlier that there are rare smartphones available in the market that gives the battery backup of more than one day. And if you are traveling you must need some backup thing to make your smartphone remain active.

There you use power banks that are very common today. But while choosing power bank you must be aware of certain factors like compatibility with your device; mAh (power capacity) of power bank and the multiple support of devices etc. So in this post; I will tell you about the world’s most powerful USB-Type C power bank for your smartphone.

Hyper Group of Sanho Corporation has just announced its new power bank, known as Hyper Juice, which, according to its creators; is the most powerful USB-C power bank in the world. Hyper also states that the 27000mAh power bank is the first in the industry to support the 100W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Profile.

The battery features a 60W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 profile and an 8W USB-A Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port. According to the company, the battery is able to deliver 130W of total power from its three ports.

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With a 100W USB-C charger, the Hyper Juice power bank will take about an hour to fully charge. With 60W chargers, it will take two hours to charge the product.

The device, weighing just 550g, can be charged while it charges other devices at the same time. Hyper has also released a video showing the ability to charge HuperJuice by charging a 15-inch MacBook Pro at 100W and a 13-inch MacBook Pro at 60W and an iPhone X at 18W all at the same time.

The gadget launched by Kickstarter has a starting price of $149 against the expected retail price of $299; according to the company. The HyperJuice will be officially launch as of November 2018.

The Hyper Group of Sanho Corporation is know for providing accessories for the tech giant Apple and is primarily targeted at portable devices; data storage devices, and connectivity.

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