3 Easy Ways To Know You Are Wasting Your Time Loving Him/Her3 Easy Ways To Know You Are Wasting Your Time Loving Him/Her

I have also come to realize that over TRUSTING someone can make you get HEARTBROKEN or killed;

3 Easy Ways To Know You Are Wasting Your Time Loving Him/Her

Things you should not do in your relationship no matter What

LOVING someone genuinely can make you get HURT at one point likewise CRYING and PLEADING for someone so much will never bring him or her back in your life if he or she was not meant to be yours. Instead It will only make you look like a FOOL or a LOSER to that person.

Conversely my friends TRUST but not 100%, only give your genuine love to someone who is worthy it, who appreciates it and who can return it.

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Cry for someone who is worthy your tears not everyone and don’t over plead for someone. Moreover when you cry and plead for that person and he/she doesn’t change or think twice in his or her decision then let them go coz that will give you an automatic answer that they were not meant to be yours.

However you will be done with your role of begging for forgiveness and showing that you didn’t want to lose him or her.

Now leave the rest to that person, if that person truly loved you, he/she will find ways of getting back to you and if h/she doesn’t then just know that person never loved you at all.

For all that, when you will realize that you were only wasting your time on him or her.

Finally remember everything happens for a reason and if it’s God who made you meet that person, still he can make you meet someone BETTER who will stay with you FOREVER no matter what it takes. Life goes on and that is what love is all about.


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